Things to Consider When Choosing Oversized Wheels and Tyres

You love your off-road vehicle. It’s a perfect reflection of your personality, and it works the way it should.However, you may think that you could benefit from better grip and a bit of additional ground clearance, as well as a few other minor customisations. Oversized wheel and tyre packages fulfil all these functions, and they’re steadily becoming more popular as manufacturers enter the market. In this guide, you will learn what to consider when choosing new tyres and rims for your 4X4.

The Purpose They Serve

The market trend toward oversized 4wd wheels and tyres is mostly in the light-duty category, but additional uses exist. Many buyers want to upgrade so their vehicles will have a more aggressive appearance and stance, and as such, tall wheels are commonly added for visual reasons. The side face of a shiny machined or chrome wheel, as well as the increased popularity of painted 4X4 rims, means that these are real attention-getters. However, oversize wheel widths are more closely related to performance. They’re used to gain traction for turning, acceleration, and braking.

The Advantages of Oversized 4×4 Wheel and Tyre Packages

There are many good reasons to use oversized wheels and tyres on your 4×4. When chosen correctly, they can increase your vehicle’s off-road performance beyond the factory limit. Oversized 4X4 wheel and tyre packages may:

  • Increase ground clearance for 4WDs
  • Grip rugged terrain better due to their aggressive tread
  • Be more aesthetically pleasing
  • Provide better grip on dry roads (if wide wheels and tyres are chosen)

If you’re unsure about your selection, consult a wheel and tyre expert for recommendations and advice.

Increases in Stability

When you upsize your wheels and tyres, you’ll likely end up with smaller tyre sidewalls. The opposite applies when you choose smaller tyres, which have larger sidewalls. The reason for the increase in stability with larger wheels is because taller sidewalls on smaller tyres cause more roll between the wheels and the road surface.

Things to Remember About Oversized Tyres

Whilst oversized tyres look great and can make beneficial changes in certain performance areas, there are numerous safety factors to consider as well. Be aware of such issues and their relevance to your situation.

  • Oversized tyres may change your speedometer’s output because the number of wheel rotations per kilometre will decrease.
  • Taller tyres may rub on the suspension or wheel wells if there are fitment issues.
  • Oversized tyres substantially decrease your vehicle’s turning radius.
  • Wide tyres hydroplane easily on slick surfaces.

If you’re considering an oversized wheel and tyre set, check to ensure the proper fitment for your 4×4. If you’re unsure whether it will work for your application, consult an expert in wheels, tyres, 4X4 bull bars Australia and suspension lift kits.

Get Started Now

As shown, there are many things to think about when choosing wheels, tyres, and Ford Ranger accessories. For help and fitment advice, consult an expert seller of 4X4 accessories online.